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Edibles, simplified.

Bloom Basic offers easy to bake brownies, cookies, and cake mixes specifically intended for herbal infusions. With Bloom Basic, creating high quality infused edibles at home has never been easier. 

Infused Fudge Brownie Mix

Try a delicious chocolatey infused magic brownie mix. The perfect treat to give you a great night’s rest. 

Infused Classic Cookies Mix

This is not your grandmas cookie recipe! Tasty Classic Cookies are sure to please.

Infused Birthday Cake Mix

Celebrate anytime with our Infused Birthday Cake Mix. Try this fluffy, doughy, and delicate treat!

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Perfect Together.

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We recommend Spyglass Wellness for the highest quality herbal infused oils.

Easy to use 1000mg infused oils available now.

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